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Your support is welcome in every way and more than necessary to provide our fosterlings with the best possible home. Because without the active support of numerous helpers – whether through volunteer work or donations of any kind – the daily costs and also the care of our beloved two- and four-legged friends can hardly be managed by us alone. Therefore we are not only happy about donations, sponsorship contracts and memberships but also about hard-working helpers.

Possibilities to support our work:

Startnext Campaign

It is getting serious, because it is entering the decisive round.

We have received and accepted an official purchase offer for the previously leased sanctuary area in Müncheberg. In addition, we want and have to buy the technical equipment from LEG Hermersdorf in order to guarantee the permanent supply of our fosterlings. So there are now 2 slightly larger expenses to be made, which, however, are of decisive importance for the successful existence of our sanctuary project.

Please help us to finance the technical equipment so urgently needed for the work on our farm and to realize the purchase of the land. That’s the only way we can help our charming fosterlings on a long-term basis and develop our heart project further in the future.

For this important purpose we have started a Startnext campaign and would like to ask you to help us with donations and sharing the campaign. You can find our Startnext campaign here: click

Important to know: we only get the money of this campaign if we really reach our 1st funding target of 8000€.

Please support us! Please donate if it is possible for you and please share our Startnext campaign widely! We have also prepared some great thank you gifts for this campaign, which might be interesting as a Christmas present for some of your loved ones.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust and support. Also on behalf of our fosterlings. Thank you very much!


As a non-profit association we are also very much dependent on your support in the form of donations. Please help us to realize our dream of a large courtyard just outside Berlin.

Account holder: Lasst die Tiere leben e.V.

Bank: GLS Bank

Account: DE41 4306 0967 1223 6221 00



Our animals need daily care and food, as well as sometimes the vet visit! Up to now, we have borne these costs completely ourselves.

Therefore we are happy about new members in our association! For 5,00 Euro per month and active cooperation you can join as a full member and help to secure our running costs!

Full Membership Form: Antrag_Mitgliedschaft

If you don’t have the capacity to support us with active cooperation, you can get a sponsoring membership with any contribution starting from 5,00€ per month.

Sponsoring Membership Form: Antrag_Fördermitgliedschaft

All information on full membership and sponsoring membership can be found in our statutes: Statutes of the association


We are especially happy about sponsorships for individual animals.

A full sponsorship costs

  • for one sheep 35,00 Euro monthly
  • for one pig 100,00 Euro monthly
  • for a goose 15,00 Euro monthly
  • for a rabbit 20,00 Euro monthly
  • for one goat 25 Euro per month
  • for one cat 40,00 Euro monthly
  • for a pony 80,00 Euro monthly
  • for a chicken/guinea fowl 10,00 Euro monthly

Also a partial sponsorship in any amount starting from 5€ monthly is possible. On our farm pages and also on our Facebook page you will find photos and information about our fosterlings.

If you would like to take over a (partial) sponsorship for one of our animals, please fill out the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible via e-mail with the necessary details.


Work assignments

There is always something to do on our three farms! Beautify and clean out stables, build fences or clear away fallen trees… Dwarfing chickens, caressing sheep or feeding the pigs…

That is why we organize work assignments at regular intervals, where everyone is welcome to get actively involved. You can find out when and on which of our farms a working day takes place on our Facebook page ‚Lasst die Tiere leben‘ and on this homepage under news.


Without the support of numerous young people it would be quite exhausting or hardly possible on our 3 farms. We are therefore very happy to work with Workaway and, with their help, to have nice company for our animals and support for us.

Since 2015 we have been welcoming guests from all over the world, who can inform themselves in detail about veganism and animal protection during the days and weeks they spend with us.

If you are interested in working with and for animals, can get to grips with them and would like to bring in your enthusiasm and ideas, we welcome you!

Please click here to help: Animal Refuge

Please click here to help: Muckele’s Farm

Please click here to help: Elisenhof

“If you think that being vegan is difficult, imagine being a factory farmed animal.”

(Davegan Raza)